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Cubes And Cube Roots


State true or false.(i)       ...

State true or false.(i)        Cube of any odd number is even.(ii)       A perfect cube does not end with two zeros.(iii)      If square of a number ends with 5, then its cube ends with 25.(iv)      There is no perfect cube which ends with 8.(v)       The cube of a two digit number may be a three digit number.(vi)      The cube of a two digit number may have seven or more digits.(vii)     The cube of a single digit number may be a single digit number.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : (a) false(product of odd numbers is odd)<br> (b)True<br> (c)false<br> (d)false<br> (e)false<br> (f)false<br> (g)true<br>


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in this video we are going to solve question number 2 Sonia to determine that out of these statements of how many years are true and false statement is super story in logi picture now super statement is cube of any odd number is even so ise call because we know ki Jab Ham do aur Number Ko multiply Karte Hain To always aur number hota hai aur jab do Ham Kisi bhi Number Ko even number se multiply karte hain to even hone ke liye Hamen ek hi main number chahie ab perfect does a perfect S statement is a perfect cube does not end with 20 carat Ruby kya hai agar 201309 chahie Kyunki Agar 10000

SPD 20 ke Kyon mein kya aata hai 4000 230-232 ekadam true statement Hai square of a number and print 5 then it cube and 25 compulsory perfect which ends with it because a statement Kyunki to Kyon kya hota hai equal to 8 hota hai to ja be false statement that you were two digit number maybe three digit number so this is possible or this is not possible to be possible Nahin Jo Hamara kya bolate just one digit number 299 equal to 7 29812 9729 but smaller stand number

hota hai wahi kya hota hai 1002 Baki Aur Kisi Ke Liye the possible Ho Nahin Sakta to yah bhi false statement ho gaya number me have 7 or more digits if possible in a looking 200 ka cube Hota Hai usmein Kitne dant hote hain usmein 7 digits hote hain aur yah pahla number bataiye jismein 78 sunke smallest number de 7 digit ka 200 se pahle ki number se Honge Sare 6 digits wali Honge to yah Bhi Kya Ek false statement ok the cube of a single digit number may be a single digit number 2222 ki 1 ka cube kya hota hai Kyunki examples hai jo is condition ko satisfied to statement a possibility Hai Har condition true

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