Updated on:26/04/2023

State Division algorithm for polynomials



hello everyone the questions that State division algorithm for polynomials ok so first of all my dearest friend that's a f of X jio phone 2 polynomial ok we are considering where GF X not equal to zero OK then we can return this app of a will be equal to you of Excel question 10 jio fact that divisor plus reminder Apex ok which also can be written as that dividend is equal to divisor
question into divisor remainder ok so if we will divide f of X by jio packs so here that is a dividend and divisor and quotient and some remainder ok so as you can see that here where are effects remainder polynomial ok and degree of RX
left them degree of division will be possible when the other the remainder will be equal to the order degree of RX100 India ok net se divide 2 X square + 3 X + 1 divided by X + ok so here every will divide a question that is 2x so I will be 2 X square + 4 x minus minus so we will get that cancel it out and here we will get - again we will and + 1 year question will be -1 and
devices will get my name -2 ok some plus my this will be cancelled without so here we will get free ok 0 + 3 so here you can clearly see that are of x is equal to 3 aur latest divisor GF X will be equal to X + 2 and F of X latest dividend will be equal to that of 2 X square + 3 X + 1 and equation and will be equal to 2 x minus 1 ok so this is nothing but this is the type of accessible to get into X + RX ok so this is
all about the division algorithm of a ok thank you so much