State Bayes Theorem


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hello everyone let's start the question the question says that state based theorem so here we need to state the base theorem you will see what is based theorem was so Bayes Theorem explain probability of an event based on conditions are responsible for that event definition says that Bayes Theorem is the one which gives the probability of occurrence of an event based on certain conditions which are responsible for the occurrence of that event so we'll see
how the formula is given for this so if A and B are two independent events consider A and B are two independent events then probability of event event event is true is given by so you can see that the probability of occurrence of event it depends upon the event be doing true So there's this probability is given by f a
flash be equal to flash a a / of this is the formula for Bayes Theorem so we'll see each of the terms of a year now this your face when ways to this represents probability of event a being true when we went there is true So the variable coming after the slash that is the event on which the probability of the first variable depends so now it depends on
Sabir the condition and hear this essay will be equal to probability of event true when event is true in the end of the terms Sofia se is probability of a and P is probability
been to this was the best here on that we can conclude therefore the Bayes Theorem has been stated thank you

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