Solve, using cross - multiplication : <br> x - y + 2 = 0 <br> 7x + 9y = 130



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Updated On: 8-5-2021

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Answer :
x = 7; y = 9



00:00 - 00:59hello everyone so the question given soul using cross multiplication and we have x minus y + 2 is equal to zero and 7 x + 9 is equal to 132 let's find out first of all the formula for Cross multiplication is X upon B1 into C2 - B2 into C1 is equal to Y upon 7 Upon A to sorry y17 into a 2 - 32 into a 1 is equal to 1 upon a one into B2 - 81 we have to find the value of a 182 and B1 the value of x and y how can we find the value first of all the equation given his x minus y +
01:00 - 01:59Google 20 and second equation is 7 x + 9 Y is equal to 130 I can write a test - 1 30 is equal to zero so now the general equation general equation for 2 variable is a x + B Y + C is equal to zero no in first equation it will be for a one and Evan Evan Evan and first equation it will be a one V1 and C1 and in second equation it will be A2 B2 C2 these are the coefficient of X coefficient of Y and coefficient of Z actually see one is equal to Z there is no copy sent as such and again this is a coefficient of X this is a coefficient of Y and Z letter
02:00 - 02:59write this from this event will be equal to 1 coefficient of X equal to 1 and coefficient of why will be -1 and yard is equal to talk about see to it will be -1 now M coefficient of why that is night now coefficient of X that is a to his seven now I can simply put this equation values in this formula so I will get X upon B1 into C2 first hole Plus compare this to other than we compare this to first of all we are comparing this latest x 1 upon 2 minus b to C is equal to the value of minus 1 into the value of cities - 30 - B2 is 9 and C is equal to
03:00 - 03:591 upon the value of the value of between 9 - the value a-287 and the value of V1 - value now is X upon 1 minus minus plus 130 - 9 2018 is equal to 1 upon 1 into 99 this minus a minus b + + 7 x we are getting x 16 and A 112 now X will be equal to 12 now we know that x is equal to 7 to just find out the value so why this
04:00 - 04:59I will get via phone or even see it I will get why why this 116 and on the other side I will get why upon 32827 into and 728 via phone I will get even in a to that is one is 2 and 8 vs 7 into 7 - 32 seater ivenus one so if I solve this from here I am getting yo14 minus minus plus 13144 plus I will get
05:00 - 05:594416 that is night so from here I am getting Y is equal to Y is equal to night so we just have to find this one is X and second hand

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