Solve the following systems of liner a equations by cramer rule . (i)2x-y+3z=8, -x+2y+z=4, 3x+y-4z=0



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Updated On: 28-5-2021

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00:00 - 00:59so here we have a question answer solve the following system of linear equations by using cramer's rule right so here we are given the equation that is 2 x minus y + Z is equal to 8 minus x + 2 Y + Z is equal to 4 x + Y is -44 Z is equal to zero so hair less write a given equation first then we start our solutions right so here we have 2 x minus y + 3 Z is equal to 8 ok and here we have 1 - X + 2 Y + Z is equal to 4 and here we have 3 X + Y - 4 Z is equal to zero right so here we are going to solve it first let convert it into Matrix equation method ok a matrix somatic requisition form will be a x is equals to be right so here we will be a matrix and how to find a day should these are the values of coefficient of X Y and Z ok ab Matrix will become like this here we have to
01:00 - 01:59-13 heavier -121 and here we have 31 - 4 ok and their eggs will be our variables that are xy&z and be here are these 8410 ok so we got this now in the question we are given that we need to solve the following equation by using cramer's rule by using cramer's rule we what do we have we have that to find X we need to find DX by the so what is D Akshaya so if we exchange this First row that is so here what does it mean if we understand it through our Matrix so here I am releasing it should this is X Y column and this is that column right to find x
02:00 - 02:59we will exchange this whole column with our be right so similarly to find here by using cramer's rule we have Y is equals to divide and Z is equal to dz by the right so hair similarly for why we will exchange the column by with b for dead people change a column that with be right now first of all you guys are thinking that what is be here right here is a determinant of the given Matrix ok and DX DY dz are the determinant while exchanging the column with the be ok so let's find out the determinant of the matrix was so expanding it along RO one but we will get you will get these equals to here we have 2 - 4 into two that will be - 8 - 1 + here we have sorry minus A minus and so this will become plus one
03:00 - 03:59ab - 4 into minus one that will be 4 - 3 and here we have plus 3 and this will be - 1 - 6 ok so here now let's solve it we will get to into minus 9 that will be -80 that were 4 - that will be 1 minus minus 7 into 3 - of 21 right solving this we will get -38 right now let's all for DX knowledge find X ok so here for what we have we have X is equals to DX by the now we got the value of directors -38 to find what you will get we get our Matrix after exchanging the column with the biwi get 840 so here we will have we have 840 and here as it
04:00 - 04:59that is -12 131 - 42 this will be - 12 13 1 - 4 write this is our DX upon we have -38 ok or we can say we can write it down like this one upon -38 ok both are same rights we get DX upon d is equal to this now let solve the matter for it so here we will have this minus one upon 38 heavy get 8 - 8 - 1 ok this will become plus one my - 16 - 0 and this is 34 - 0 ok solving this we will get - of 76 upon heavy have - of 38 -97 get can't cancelled and we will get 38 in 22
05:00 - 05:5976 ok so we get X is equals to our value that is to now let's find out why Y is equals to we have DY upon De similarly what we can do we have 138 and here we have a matrix that is equals to exchanging the second second column and writing it as it is so here we have to -13 and the sum be 840 right and here we have 31 -431 -4 ok so again if we're here we have one upon -38 now if we solve this determinant ok if you find the determinant of this Matrix what we will get we will get - of 76 write a - 3 - will get cancelled because the minus into minus is plus we get 7638 that is to say we get y = 2 2 9 for Z
06:00 - 06:59we have this dz read again here we have a one upon -38 and here we have our Matrix that will be to -13 and why is it is that is -1 so here we have 2 - 13 by that is what why is -2 -1 to 1 ok if your -1 to 1 and the third third column that is that is update column will become 80 just replacing the columns with the be ok so here again here we have a minus one upon 38 and if you find the value of this determine what we will get we will get - of 76 years and months will get cancelled again we get to ok so here by this we got x is equals to 2 Y is equals to 2 Z is equal
07:00 - 07:59this is our solution for the given linear equation thank you

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