Solve the following system of homogeneous linear equations by matrix method: 3x+y-2z=0,\ \ x+y+z=0,\ \ x-2y+z=0



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Updated On: 6-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59the question is solve the following system of the homogeneous Linear Equations by the matrix method 3 X + Y - 2 Z is equal to zero X + Y + Z is equal to zero and x minus 2 Y + Z is equal to zero in this question we have three equations of first is 3 X + Y - of to Z and that is equal to zero next is X + Y + Z and that is equal to zero third is x minus 2 by x minus 2 Y + Z and AD is equal to zero find this question we are asked to solve these equations by Matrix method sofas will write these three questions in our Matrix method to write these three equations Matrix method we provide the coefficients of XYZ in the place of our elements of matrix the first the first content element share 31 - 2
01:00 - 01:59what is the coefficient of x y z next here we have one one and one and here 1 -2 and have 1 into X Y Z and is equal to 0 0 and 0 now with Android this as our a x is equal to zero and that means this matrix is our pe let spot find the value of a determinant of the added method will be followed by expanding this agreement along our carbon where we have three in the first three as the first element of a first road so I will write three into soldier using thread then we have to neglect this column and ISRO here we have one into one that is 1 - of minus 2 into 1 minus 2 and here we have positive to next - the second element of first that is one minus 1 into this column
02:00 - 02:59heavier 121 - of 1921 next third element of first Road AG - of two way we have -2 using Manasu than this column and this row as well so here we are one into -2 that is minus into minus of 1 to 10 of 12 now after swallowing it for the we have a determinant is equal to 3 into 3 - of 1 in 20 and minus 2 into minus 3 after swallowing it for the we have a determinant is equal to 9 and here we have - of positive about 6 and it give us now it was 13 5 9 13 the value here is 15 we have the determinant of a is equal to 15 that is not equal to
03:00 - 03:59in this case hands and the system has a system as a trivial solution trivial solution that means x is equal to Y is equal to Z and this whole is equal to our zero and this is our final answer thank you

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