Solve the following system of homogeneous equations: 2x+3y-z=0 x-y-2z=0 3x+y+3z=0



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Updated On: 6-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59the question is called upon which is the homogeneous equation 3 questions for 2 X + 3 Y is equal to zero x minus 5 minus 2 Z is equal to 2 and 3 X + Y + Z is equal to zero 3 equations are 2 x 2 X + 3 Y - of Z and AD is equal to 2 x minus y minus 2 Z and that is equal to zero and third is 3 X + Y + 3 Z and that is equal to zero has given question first write the three questions in matrix method of XYZ as the elements of the given Matrix where the coefficient of x y z is to 3 minus one
01:00 - 01:59management -2 have free 1 and 3 into X Y Z and that is equal to our 000 sunao we can write data into this implies that this matrix is known as H A I let first find the a determined to find the mehndi will expand this along our R12 pending this along our one so that they react to take the first element of almond to take me to the vehicle was column and tissue as well we have to 3 minus 3 minus 1 into minus 2 then it will give us positive of 29 x minus the end of first three using three Randy Orton I like this column and this was well so here we have 123 that is -3 and -2 that will give positive upstox
02:00 - 02:59next third element of first order management into this column and that this was well where we are one into one that is one minus into minus points given positive of 3 next after falling in for the we have to eat to minus 1 minus 3 into 9 and minus 1 into from here the value of a determinant is our -2 here -27 hair -4 here and it is equal to minus 2633 A 3-bit implies that our a determinant is not is equal to zero from here you can see that the system has the system as a triangle solution
03:00 - 03:59trivial solution that means is equal to Y is equal to Z and the whole is equal to zero and this is our fine thank you

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