Solve the Following Linear Programming Problem graphically : Minimise Z" "=" "" "3x" "+" "4y Subject to x+2ylt=8,""""3x+2ylt=12 ,""""xgeq0,""""ygeq0 .



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Updated On: 19-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59solve the following linear programming problem graphically minimise Z = 2 X + 4 Y subject to express to it and 3 X + 2 Y should be less than equal to 12 and why should be greater than and equal to minimise Z equal to write and equation X + 2y = 8 and the second only will be why should be less than and equal to 12 and we are given that we should be greater than equal to zero it in the first quarter of straight line project and then plot that reason 20 then why coursebook
01:00 - 01:5940 then X equals to it now Yadav plot near draw a straight line X + Y equal for the equation X + Y equal to 12 and it was our when exposed to zero then why cosmetic and when Y = 20 then executes 24 now we are to plot this curve on the ok so we can detect Disawar Disawar y axis places to y axis and Vasundhara sector
02:00 - 02:59ok bhai active this point will be scale is equal to its scale is equals to 1 unit how this point will be origin 1000 this point will be one DB to respond will be 3 this part will be four this part will be five I think to take this year it will be very easy for us so we can take care is equal to 2 unit quick Android touch screen is equal to 2 units this will be 02468 now this will be again to this sorry for this music and now your first plot the reason Express 2008 superstar your to draw the correct + Y =
03:00 - 03:5910 B = 10 B = 20 then exposed to the curve will be like that and now equation X + 2 Y should be less than equal to Itna where to put origin origin in the equation to be quiet but it and it is you contain that reason that reason and equation Into X + 2 Y should be less than equal to 8 the reason why should be less than 12 so you brother can take to square x + 2 Y is equal to 12 and when excess of 201 X 40 Jan Vikas 26 and Y = 20 then X is equals to 4 of this is the equation of straight line 3 X
04:00 - 04:59+ 2 y Tu lot this reason we put origin 001 this equation to find the equation that is fine now you take which which will contain both the equation of the comet comedy how to plot the conic want to know your to find the corner points in this corner of the first Corner Point will be 0.0 this point will be 40 and this point will be jio ko maaf kar and finally this Corner Point will be
05:00 - 05:592020 subject for the equation 2x = 24 and when x = 2 to 10 Y = 23 so this is this these are the corner points now ya to minimise Dadi ko to the corner point where the corner coin and now we have to minimise minimise Z equals to minimise Z equals to express North East corner origin and food origin on the 2012 now we can now Alex kaun
06:00 - 06:59kaun 2004 not put the equation of that so we get it it is 16 talk to commentary on occasion that then value of Z = 26 digital that is equal to the curve will be minimum at Z equal to the minimum value and the meaning of z3 can write a test the minimum the minimum value of Z will be at will be at 0 0

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