Solve the following equations <br> (i) sgn({[x]})=0 (ii) sgn(x^(2)-2x-8)=-1 (iii)sgn((x^(2)-5x+4)/({x}))=-1



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Updated On: 18-5-2021

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Answer :
`(i) x in R` `(ii) x in (-2,4)` `(iii) (1,2)uu(2,3)uu(3,4)`



00:00 - 00:59hello English question we have to solve the following equations write cost equation is given as signal of a packet of box of x is equal to zero right so it was my first of all the graph of x it looks something like this that will draw the access PG hostel number X is greater than zero value will be 1 crore write the value of text is less than zero then it will be - 112 right = 20 it will be equal to zero show on 088
01:00 - 01:59so if you see we are given that signum of bracket of the pet Mein baccha draw box of x = 20 write a bracket is nothing but that is pectin path function of greatest integer night so so that when the signum function is zero when this argument will be equal to zero it from here we can say that bracket of box of egg
02:00 - 02:5920 and we know that the range of of X is integer values of greatest integer function teacher value and we know that bracket of any integer value is equal to zero because it is no fractional part so if we put any value of x = 20 we can say that year 2 real number right so for the first part will be X longs to real number not to the second part we are given that x square - 2 x minus 8 is equals to minus 1 is when the graph that it is equals to minus one when Nexus less than zero right so
03:00 - 03:59we can see that x square - 2 x minus 8 will be less than zero square minus x minus 2 x minus 2 x minus 8 will be less than zero defect is it will get x minus 4 + 2 should be less than zero plot on the number line we will get the point - 2 and 4 and we have to use the value which are less than zero and assign will be applied to choose value range of values of life from -22
04:00 - 04:59light this will be your answer for the second part part it is given that signal of x square - 5 x + 4 / bracket of X is equals to minus x square - 5 x + 4 x bracket in -1 value of signal -1 when we show that X is less than zero right so they should be legendary Hero now we know that packet of X live from zero to one right so it is a positive value
05:00 - 05:59Mehndi aap to range of x for which places election 2019 numerator has to be less than zero so x square - 5 x + 4 should be less than zero price we will get x 4 x minus 10 x belongs to 1248 but but remember that this bracket of a two not beacause 20 it will be undefined so when a bracket of x = 20 then X is an integer value if you there at x = 20 1 20 hour rate show for the function to not to be in the cabinet
06:00 - 06:59packet of action not beacause 2010 not beacause 200 accident belongs to integer sohe we got that X block 2124 Naukri subtract integer from it we can say that X belongs 2122 Union 223 Union that means we excluded the integer values right shoulder selfie your answer for the last part thank you

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