Solve the following equations and verify the results. 4(3x+5)-6(2-x)=8(7+x)+22



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Updated On: 29-4-2021

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Answer :
`x = 7`



00:00 - 00:59hi guys here we have to solve the following equation and verify its results as well and the equation given us is for 3 X + 5 minus 6 is equal to 8 7 + X + 22 first step is always what according to the board mass rule we always have to open the brackets first let's do the same thing here 843 12th X + 20 - 12 + 6 x is equal to 56 + 56 + 88 + 22 now what we will do will keep all the variables
01:00 - 01:591 and all the constants one site to that 12 AG + 6x now this variable will change our site to sign will class 8 ex becomes - 8 x is equal to 56 + 22 and now this value the 20 and -12 transport from lhs to RHS and the time will change plus 20 -20 and minus 12 + 12 now let's solve all of these 12 + 6 is 18 18 - 8 x 10 x similarly here 56 + 22 give us 56 + 22 + 12016 + 3 is 9 19 -20 give the 70
02:00 - 02:59let's write it down directly connected equal to 72 the value of x b 70 b n is equal to said now we have the value of x is equal to 7 but we have to verify it as well so now let's verified Chhotu verified what we will do we have to keep these values in the equation and in the value of the errors and arranges becomes equal that means our answer is so let's write it down instead of keep the value in this one I am to save some time and keeping the values hear what I can do one more thing I can keep the values in this step as well so let's keep the values in this system is 10 value of x the final chapter 7 sorry the value of x find out is
03:00 - 03:5972 here it's 17 become equal to Aaye just as well verified the answer as well thank you

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