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Solve the following equation o...

Solve the following equation of `x :2(log)_x a+(log)_(a x)a+3(log)_(a^2x)a=0,a >0`


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hello everyone English tha wish you a given equation 3 X 3 is to locate a + log mein se 3 is a square is equal to sperm in and out friends let what we will do so in case you will first flight given equation what we fast 7 plus look Bright in this three Lo is x equal to zero and here is greater than

0 in the things is give you what we will do we will write if we enter into the internet the both X and it will become to win this because we want to a common place to find out the outer tube x we need to change the best and OK Google Now become low and English it will become 32 hey this because we want to hear hear is a square x into sin 30 value is

integer and we find it so here we can apply formula what formula we can apply here we can apply lewd and man Lo English question will apply formula of and multiply and then we will sold in this form so now / log log log Kaun bola aur we can apply same formula 3 divided by 9 square +

log so now what will do in this town and we know that if the base and acid base and Islam are same then it will become one year we can write is one and a what we can do is formula is used the formula in audit log and power and will be come and look and you will find to look 1 + 1 upon 1 and 1 + x class 3 year is too will come in

the front row closed because this formula we will use this Congress looking for and then it will be come and look ok now it will become log image + log x equal to zero ok ok now what we will do yaar tu log x + 1 upon 1 + X + 3 upon 2 log X1 common term in the form of log 1 locate locate it support now what we will do it support let's suppose look

ok full to this is why and what you what we can write raise these terms is to 25 11 + Y + 2 + 5 take LCM then what we will get first we write down the answer mobile oneplus 5 and 2 + 5 then what will get this term to multiply if left disappointed in this bottom will come Unnao to multiply with one plus y 2 + Y + Z is written by multiply 2 Y + 3

multiply with why and 1 + Y equal to zero to be find out if we cross multiply this thing when this will multiply 0:02 Limited Kaun will become zero sunao what we have left if you multiply these terms then it will become y square + 3 Y + 2 now we multiply system BK 82 + 3 Y + Y square ok bye + square year old female to female subject komakhan add the common town and

America home so now twice a year if we multiply two all the equation and it will be come to y square + Y square + Y square in what we will get in BD kit second year time is now what we will get 3 + 14 and 265 plus spell bee 6562 8.8 plus 3 11 vi class and only 40 we have a quadratic equation in the form of a square is among Power Rangers so now what we do we have our only by

square now what you will do if you know the make simple equation to their will be the two factor formula - 10 - simplification baby use this formula what will get why 2020 11th unit will - 11 plus minus root p square is 11 121 - 4 x 6 and 6 4 64 24 and 2496

2886 and it will be 7/12 extract this then we will get 25 years now but we will get - 11 plus minus root 25 25 25 years old now vipers 2 - + - 52 sector we will use plus sign and if you use plus size what we will kit kit -6 -65 12 and it will be some minus one upon to use the negative sign in minus 3 y = 2 - 11 - 5 - 16

Gate 3 by 4 movie ke Tuta he will get to factor what is better before and 3.4 and -4.2 in this is what we suppose suppose by equals to look at the place located what we will get look hay 1 - 150 Tech and Yellow and Blue x minus 3 by 4 is B tech and tilok if you take antilog then what we will get at equal to 8 ki power minus one upon and

and other term is e ki power minus 3 by 2 when we will get if we solve all the equation when we will get to video x ki power minus 3 by 4 thank you