Solve the following differential equations.<br> (dy)/(dx) = (4x+y+1)^2



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Updated On: 22-5-2021

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Answer :
`4x+y +1= 2 tan ( 2x +c)`



00:00 - 00:59hello friends the question is solve the following differential equation DY by DX is equal to 4 x + Y + 1 whole square the given differential equation DY by DX is equal to 4 x + Y + 1 whole square solving this differential equation will just put 4 x + Y + 1 is equals to Z not differentiate both the sides with respect to 100 will get 4 into differentiation of x will be oneplus differentiation of by will be DY by DX differentiation of one will be zero and differentiation of Z will be dz upon the from here we are getting the value of the y b is equals to minus 4 yeah so now what will do is just change this equation has put the value of DY by DX upon the
01:00 - 01:59x minus 4 is equals to this will become Z Square Yeh H I can write the saddest diesel upon the X is equals to Z square + 4 and again it will just use separation of variables to this will become these upon z square + 4 is equal to DX now for solving this just simply in both the sides ok so I can write the service in 30 days upon z square + this code can be written as to square this integration result that is integration of 1 upon X square + a square is equals to 1 by 10 inverse X by a constant so I am going to use this result hears about will have
02:00 - 02:59won by the value of a to z by to this will be equal to integration of DX will be X and plus we'll have some integration constant lenses are the normally be both sides by to so will have tan inverse Z by 2 is equals to 2 X + to see not put the value of Z 4 x + Y + 1 this will become tan inverse of 4 x + Y + 1 divided by 2 is equals to 2 X + to see this tan inverse to write inside so what we left 4 x + Y + 1 divided by 2 is equals to 1 of 2 X + to see you again I can write this as 4 x + Y + 1
03:00 - 03:59is equals to 2 x 10 of 2 X + to see now this to see to is also constituency is also arbitrary constant and multiplication of two constance will also be a constant acceleration we have some consideration that is equals to to see so finally bought equation will get 4 x + Y + 1 is equals to 2 x 10 of 2 + c dash dash is equals to 2 C arbitrary constant this is the required solution of the given differential equation thanks for watching

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