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Class 12






Model Test Paper-11


Solve the following differenti...

Solve the following differential equation: `(x+tan y)dy = sin 2y dx`

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Answer : `x=tan y +c sqrt(tan y)`
Solution : N/A


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the following differential equation X + 10 x + sin 2A in this equation has fallen by device which will be equal X + NY used to it so 1 by sin 2x + 10 y Sin 2x down on the left hand side so you will get the ex Parte 1 -

21 call to so you are getting this expression to differential equation from this is nothing but this is linear form right and what you do in linear form you calculate integrating latest cs and when you calculate integrating factor what is the solution for Linear form then it is X in 2018 equal to in letting factor this is what this is solution of linear form any

linear the solution in general form into integrating factor equal to integration and calculate integrating factor first so I am will be erased to integration of minus cosec / what is integration of Uske bhi log of Mod of cos x minus cot X integration apply this and integrating factor will be integration - 2y - Court to write integrating factor now using the law of property we can directly

put as answer which will be course 1 of 2 Y - 3 - Goa film ok and if you differentiated and if you simplify this week and simplify this minus Cos 2A and you know what is 1 - cos 2a it is nothing but it will be an integrating factor which is equal to call to my knowledge and write the solution to IT Solution will be patient will be

into integrating factor Scott equal to integration of 1 by sin to assign to a white discharge sign why by cos Y into 1 by 2 Sin Y cos squared and I will get cancel this will be equal to 16 square you can write this this is equal to us can write 1 by 2 into interior Tin Factory covid-19 to simplify this got me into

Shakespeare why we get this as Kaushik Kaushik Kaushik 12 log of Cos 12 - 2y right integration of cosec to be doing integration we need to provide integration by differentiation is equal to in your answer thank you


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