Solve the equation:x^2+x+1/(sqrt(2))= 0



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Updated On: 26-1-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello bhai today to call this quality question which is a square + 1 + 1 by root 2 is equal to zero light ok installing this particular equation notice Tata highest wicket h x Square Mall at what means is it is equality question already sold a quality question what it means that we have to find out the roots of the quadratic equation ok so before you begin solving this particular problem that is compared with the general standard quality question which is a square + bx + c is equal to zero all right now I am describe another town is called discriminant and it is calculated by b square minus 4 what is the value of what is the use of finding out discriminant of a quadratic equation alright so if my discount is greater than zero it tells me about the
01:00 - 01:59if my district is greater than zero my roots are real and different if my ID is equals to zero identical real root and in case if my days less than zero for my ID is negative I can say Complex who had a very important that you remember this ok moving on what is the roots of a quadratic equation for that we have quantity formula which states that the root 6 minus b + - square root of 12 to 18 ok sunao Swati writing it down for the standard equation that is compared with the problem if been given this
02:00 - 02:59polity question in which on comparing agency is equal to 1 b is equals to 1 and C is equal to 1 by root to write a route to I calculate my discriminant b square that is 1 - 4 into a into C medicine mental 1 -2 route to write ok now if you see property that root 2 is returned once we can say that might be instrument is less than zero my roots are going to be Complex alright ok Nau I write on my route if you wish you can simplify this but we do not wish to simplify it there is no such need to order it ok to my roots are I am using this potential formula -
03:00 - 03:59in this case is going to be 11 plus minus under root ODI which is one minus 2 root 2 divided by 2 into a is one so this is the solution to simplify the stomach cause it doesn't look good and you can use the value of root 2 is 1.414 using which you can say that the calculation of one minus 2 root 2 in this particular Wacom one -2.828 or -1.828 this extra information for you if you do not like it in the format and you can write letter X is equals to
04:00 - 04:59minus one plus minus under root -1.8 to 8.2 for simplifying at father had become -1 plus minus under root 1.8288 water to the final solution thank you for watching the video

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