Solve the differential equation ( x + y) dy + (x - y) dx = 0; given that y = 1 when x = 1.



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Updated On: 26-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59Sunita question 3rd question in which we have X + Y into device + X - 12 degrees equal 205121 indexical 255 we can start with the given information in the given information is a x + b into X + x minus y into DX equal to zero the first of all we can find the value of / which is equal to minus x minus b equal to minus x minus y square x + Y so as we can see the power of each individual is one step for this is a question of materials for this we can put why we say goodbye to be a differentiation with respect to by differentiating we will get /
01:00 - 01:59equal to b + 1 into db so now we can put video / and input the value of Y in first equation from one I have from one we have V plus x into the we divided 28 equal to minus x minus 8 / 1 + BA sunao making take 1 output from the bucket in 10 cancel dawai bataiye equal to -1 -1 + we now we can share the elections be in RSS which is equal to minus b minus minus plus 3 divided by 1 + 3 - of the sooner we can TT LCM oneplus 3 - 1 + b
02:00 - 02:59minus b minus C square then we have then we will remain with X into Delhi / Ada outside then remained one + b square + now we can separate t variable oneplus we divided by 1 + b square equal to minus 1 into integrating both side by integrating integral of integral of 1 divided by 1 + 3 + 1 + b square into DB which is equal to minus of law of Mod X + so this is a direct formula of tan inverse of V and here we can multiply and divide it by to to make the direct differentiation in the numerator is the formula of tan inverse of
03:00 - 03:59B and 12 integration of equal to minus 9 w X + now we can put the video we in terms of tan inverse of y divided by X + 1 divided by 2 log 1 + Y square equal to minus x + c now we can put the video we can put the value of x and y in the value of x and y is 1 foot equal to 1 and Y equal to 1 + 10 inverse of 1 / 12 log of 1 + 1 divided by 1 is equal to minus 1 + Cos pi by 4 + 12 lock to lock when is zero the value of C is pi by 4 +
04:00 - 04:591 divided by 2 into law so here we calculate the value of particular solution therefore the particular solution in particular solution is tan inverse of y divided by X + 1 divided by 2 into log of 1 + Y square divided by x square equal to minus of log x + 5 by 4 + 1 by 2 into law which is the final answer thank you

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