Solve that any equation of the fomr `yf'(xy)dx+xf'(xy)dy=0`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello everyone send this question we have to solve solve this equation why after sex why 2 X + x x y y y = 20 then just write what we have given to us so we have y f dash X Y Z X + x x y y y = 20 so what we can do is we can write we can take after 65 xy common so I will become it will become a test X bhai dear in brackets y d x + x 20 sunao if you look at derivative of x y sorry if you look at derivative of x y then it is x

D Y + Y DX chain rule first derivative of X and Y + derivative of Y then DX so we can write this as day of xy set becomes t of x = 20 and left Ash x y z x now if you know if we check the derivative of a function of x y then the derivative of a function of x y is xy xy applied simply change that is first derivative of this and derivative of the Japanese actors xy xy so we can substitute this this value here it will become derivative of f x y

equal to zero sunao what will do if we will integrate both sides so when we integrate both sides we have known we have known that if we do if we integrate 1.se Hayat is 1.10 when we integrate this it will become X whatever is the respective integrating the one becomes at or for example if with integrated prospective I will come by similarly here we can write this as if X Y is equal to this then obviously this will be equal to this at this will be 0 + see that means your answer is f of x y equals to answer

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