Solve `sqrt(x-2)+sqrt(4-x)=2.`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello everyone my question is we have to install root x minus 2 + root 1 - X is equals to 2 we have to solve this purpose the square of the sites it is squaring both the sides and a + b whole square so this is root x minus 2 + root 5 minus x square is equals to cos square B square + c square x - 2 + 1 - X square + b square + 3 x minus 2 into 4 minus x is equals to 42 now just need to solve this issue by X - 2 + 4 minus x + 2

top action 2444 x minus x square - 8 x + 2 X is equals to aur sunao just solving here so you can see that this 4 and this forget can sell and this X and this excellent cancelled we are left with this will be - 2 + 2 under root of minus x square + 4 x + 2 x 6 x + 6 x minus is equal to 12 now adding this will be the first to drumstick will be 0.4 cancer 30 from this is become - 1 + taking two common 0.230 and this will be under root

of minus x square + 6 x minus 8 is equals to zero and wider minus x square + 6 x minus 8 under root is equals to 1 now and again square in both sides squaring decides to this becomes minus x square + 6 x minus 8 10 12 lesson 5 minus 1 is equal to zero this is minus x square + 6 x minus 9 is equal to zero or we can write the cell 1 - 3 x square - 6 X + 9 = true this is the current equation in X Factor rising it x square minus plus 9 plus minus minus 2 find factors factors into three X and X

Factor h x minus 3 and this will be - of featuring SLV act - 3 this is also have taken at common format that will protect srx - 3 x minus 3 is jio question 2020 19000 answer only this app to find thank you

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