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Class 11






Complex Numbers And Quadratic Equations


Solve: sqrt(5)x^(2) + x + sqrt...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Answer : `x=(-1+-(sqrt19)i)/(2sqrt5)`
Solution : `x=(-1+-sqrt(1-20))/(2sqrt5)`<br>`=(-1+-(sqrt19)i)/(2sqrt5)`

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today we have been given that we have to solve root x root 5 x square + X + root 5 is equal to zero alright so whenever you happy given the second question first look at a degree of the highest hours on it it is true in this Patel so it is clear that the given equation is a quadratic equation all right now what do you mean by solving this question my solving quadratic equation I mean that I have to find out the roots of the quadratic equation online OK so before the work begins working on this particular quality question letters are compared with standard quantity question standard quadratic equation X square + bx + c is equal to zero alright and for that I can calculate discriminant my discriminant is used defined as b square - 4ac what is the purpose of calculating discriminate Midas comment tells me the nature of the roots alright

if the discriminant is greater than zero and not equal or it not equal to zero but it is my roots are real and different or read that is both route have different values if my 30 cos 20 roots are identical and real alright I will have two identical real roots but if my days less than zero then it tells me my roots are going to be of complex nature and I can see my roots of complex solid ok now how do you find the roots for the roots then we have recorded on the director formula which says my roots is equals to minus b plus minus under root of discriminant / 28

ok since I am familiar with all this latest move to solve the question my question is root 5 x square + 6 + root 5 on it so on comparing with the standard equation I can say my age is equals to root Firewall and my 20 equals to 1 and my AC is equals to root my ok all these are written in the blue with these are formulas for conceptual I am solving the entire question in red now ok so that is first calculate this comment for this particular equation it becomes b square which is 1 - 4 into a into root 5 square is 50 ideas -19 or agency at this comment is negative so I know that my roots are going to be complex ok now what is the value of root minus b is -1 +

- discriminant square root of this comment is - of fruit 19 - 1900 square root of minus 19 b two way to is 2 root 5 ok now since we define iotas is equal to under root of -1 alright so I can write -19 as under root of minus 1 into under root of 19 seconds it is simply route 19 iota aur my roots are going to be minus 1 by 2 root 5 plus minus under root 19 divided by 2 root 5 iota online and 30 are going to be my roots of my quadratic question on it is my final solution thank you for watching the video

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