Solve `sqrt(2) sec theta+tan theta=1`.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Answer :
`theta=2 n pi -pi/4, n in Z`
Solution :
`(sqrt(2)// cos theta)+sin theta// cos theta=1" "( :' cos theta ne 0)` <br> or `cos theta- sin theta=sqrt(2)` <br> `rArr (1//sqrt(2)) cos theta-(1//sqrt(2)) sin theta=1` <br> `rArr cos (theta+pi//4)=1= cos theta` <br> `rArr theta+(pi//4)=2 n pi` <br> `rArr theta=2n pi-(pi//4), n in Z`


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question response route to Sector l + 10 theta equal to 1 year we have given equation under root 2 sec theta + tan theta equals to 1 as we know we can write sec theta as a one upon cos theta as per is the reciprocal of cos theta not l l can be written as sin theta + sin theta upon cos theta so now taking LCM because nominator are equal so we can write it root 2 + sin theta upon cos theta equals to 1 and transferring cos theta to right side so I can write it root 2 + sin theta equals to cos theta now I can write it cos theta minus sin theta equals to root 2 divided Holi creation

which route to so it will be come one upon root 2 into cos theta minus 1 upon root 2 into sin theta or equal to 1 as we know 1 upon root 2 is the value of Cos pi by 4 and it is sin pi by 4 or hear the formula that can bring it is cos a cos b cos a cos b minus sin a sin b it is the identity of Cos A + B so here I can write it by using this identity I can write it cause 5 into cos theta minus sin 54 into sin theta equal to under root 2 so using this identity that I have written right side it will become cos theta +

taiwanese 4 = 2 it is not root 2 root 2 divided by root 2 also hear it will become one only and the cos theta value is 1 in 40 degree so I can write it cause zero degree so it will become theta + 4 equal to the general solution of cos theta is plus minus zero or it will become the answer will come theta equals to 2 and minus 5 by 4 this is the final answer of the given questions why cant it is equals to 2 and 5 minus 5 by 4 is the required solution thank you

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