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Class 12






Trigonometric Equations And Inequations


Solve sin x=0 and ( sin x )/(...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello friends so in this question it is given to me that solve sin x = 20 sin x upon cos x by 2 and Cos 3 X by 2 = 20 and show that their solution are different so much time will take my sin x = 20 find its equal to zero at 40 degree 5 it means the solution is what for me to win ft = 20 so it will be satisfied when you put x = 2 n = 21 years we will get it simple stupid and it signed by the value is zero so it means that 52.0 to the general solution for this equation will be x = 2 and 5 when your sin x is equals to zero and when your and all bro

integer equation which is sin x upon cos x by 2 into cos 32 second equation is sin x upon to this should be 20 to prove that this part 2 20 000 ok this should not be zero because if this is full form Infinity so in the mix is equals to zero to for this should busy for this the general solution will be anything and I want that moment Tu should not be 2020

it means that they are saying that my X2 is not equal to two not equals to end because if it will be equal to end this part will become 092 is not equals to it is not equal to and similarly not equal to 3 if it will be and what will be the solution for this should belongs to 000 solution will be for this part my solution will be exploring 20 because

it satisfy the condition zero the solution will be this unit is given to me this and that the solution of this part solution is x = 2 and by an hair my solution is explains 202 both the solutions are different so I hope you understand the question

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