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Solve: (log)_3(2x^2+6x-5)>1...

Solve: `(log)_3(2x^2+6x-5)>1`

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : `log_3(2x^2+6x-5) gt 1`<br> `=> 2x^2+6x-5 gt 3^1`<br> `=> 2x^2+6x-8 gt 0`<br> `=> x^2+3x-4 gt 0`<br> `=> x^2+4x-x-4 gt 0`<br> `=> (x+4)(x-1) gt 0`<br> `:. x in (-oo,-4) uu (1,oo)`, is the solution for `x`.<br>


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Maruti Zen app log 2 X square + 6 x minus 5 by 3 and right we know that log 1 base was good to see hota hai tab Ek Din Tu Bhi Kina Roi Si so this thing can be returned to square + 6 x minus 5 is greater than 3 ki power 1 to 100 square + 6 x minus 5 minus 5 is great sorry -300 so to assist square + 6 x minus 8 is greater than zero so now take to come to yahan se Komal lete Hue Jaega X square + 3 x minus 4 is greater than zero finally X square + 3 x minus 4 is

greater than zero ab Hamen kya inequalities aur Hamesha ko shop Mein Shamil ko ha ga lete hain theek hai jo Jaega X square + 3 X ko Amit add Karte tutiya Karachi aur modification Karenge to -46 currency to usko Karte per 4 x minus x minus 4 ko add Karenge to multiply Karenge 2 - 4 x + 4 is equal to minus one by X + 4 is greater than zero so finally Hamen Mil Gaya X + 4 into x minus 1 is greater than 0 update score Hero right to -4 per 21 Se Jyada rakhte Hain To is function key value Kitni Aaegi positive

kam rakhiye to negative aur x cube minus 4 se Chhoti Rakhenge to Aaegi positive iska matlab hai is inequality ke liye x ki value hi karta hai main Preeti se coins for Union once Infinity right now use case mein kya hota hai yah dijiye 1 greater hai theek hai 1 minut Ham Jante Hain Ki Jo log Acche Lagte Hain To usmein X hota hai vah kya hota 10 right so so 2 X square + 6 x minus 5 also will be greater than equal to zero then the ki x Hamara is Nikalti ko solve karne ka into minus infinity minus 4 unit 12 infinity and

is included x ki value jaaiye Unse x ki sari values per to X square + 6 x minus 5 Hamesha greater than equal to zero so final answer y x x 2 - episode 24 - 4 Union 12 infinity


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