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Solve log_2|x-1|<1...

Solve `log_2|x-1|<1`

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : `log_2 |x-1| lt 1`<br> `=>|x-1| lt 2^1`<br> `=>|x-1| lt 2`<br> Case 1: When `x ge1`,<br> Then, `x -1 lt 2`<br> `=> x lt 3`<br> `:. x in [1,3)`<br> Case 2: When `x le 1`,<br> Then, `-x +1 lt 2`<br> `=> -x lt 1`<br> `=> x gt -1`<br> `:. x in (-1,1]`<br> So, common solution for these two cases will be,<br> `x in (-1,3).`<br>


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question kya log of Mod of x minus 1 base to less than 1 year me solve Kinetic Tu dekhte hain ko kaise solve karna hai Dog 2 Mod x minus 1 sorry model less than 12 Kisi Na Kisi number ka log less than Manana kya hua number kya hona chahie this number call ok this two legged Manana this should be less than 2 ki power x minus one less than two isko Mein Kiska do kaise banenge first case Ham bolate Hain X Mera greater than or equal to 1 mein lete hain theek hai agar X greater than equal to 1 Hai To yah wala model positive Mein khulega x minus one less than equal to 2 X less than equal to 3 Yahan Se Ja bol raha hai X less than three Yahan Se Ja bol raha hai batane equal to 12 final answer kya kya

exploring 2123 theek hai ab dusra Kaise Lete Hain dusra ke Sange X less than or equal to 1 Agar X less than equal to 18 yah wale modulus Mera negative Mein khulega minus x minus one will be less than to Fir main you likh sakta hun X -1 greater than - 2 x minus 1 ye mere pass ab mera kya bol rahi hai ki x greater than -1 aur ek chij yahan se kya likha X less than equal to 12 yahan se ham log kya Likhenge final mera ek Kitna Jayega -12 Bada aur 1 se Chhota hai theek hai to yahan se mera yahan se mera yah wala answer mein kya likhunga X belong to yahan se Agra Dekha To yah kya bolna hai -17 aur yahan se yah kya bol rahe hain 1234 directly -123

likh sakta hun theek hai yah Ho Gaya Mera final answer


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