Solve for x and y , if : <br> ` (sqrt( 27) )^(x) ÷ 3^(y+ 4) = 1 and 8^(4-(x)/(3)) - 16^y = 0 `.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Answer :
` x=4 and y=2`


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hello Vivah the question is solve for X and Y if 227 to the power x divided by 3 to the power 4 + 4 is equal to 1 and 8 to the power 4 minus x by 3 minus 6 to the power Y is equal to zero so where to find the value of x and y using these two equations so let's start with the first equation which is root of 2744 / plus show the overall power bi 3 to the power as 27 3 Cube and the root is one by two 33521 to the power x / Y + 1 is equal to 1 by 2

this is the divided time so the power minus as we know if a to the power bi / it was given then you can return it to the power minus 3 ^ 2 - oneplus 4 will be equal to 1 to 1000 so now it waiting the power on both side cutting the power of words I will find that 1 by 2 minus y + 4 is equal to zero

from here it will be - provide evidence that root 3 x minus 2 Y + 82 is equal to zero x minus 2 class will be 2014 - X by 3 minus 16 24 bicycle 2014 - X by 3 minus Y is equal to zero it can be written to

cube 1 to the power 4 - 3 - ^ ^ this very very positive in this site so it will be so here we can write that it is 2 to the power x is equal then quickly for the 12 - 3 to exactly to be because too if we change the size of this path then it will be positive in the sky English part so it will be only 2 to the power 4 why so again the same Bata power is different so equalling the power power on define will find that will minus x

is equals to 4 equation to can be written as if you multiply it by 3 then it with 36 - 3 x 12 1 and 2 equation one and onto this positive if we add it with equation to there is negative Tum x2x will be cancelled and will find the value of Y ok so now we left after adding 1 and 2 but will find the equation 1 was described a question 1 question was x minus 2 Y is equals to 8

and equation to was + 2 is equal to 36 ok so if you add them to change the question to a little bit to make this similar to this one it at them and what will find now equation to can be written as the equation to us 36 - 3 x equals to this question to so it can be written as - 3 x - 12 - 36 ok so I just change the side of the so now a star with the first one so now one plus two we can write as it was the first equation 3 X - 2y I will be close to it was a constraint equation

and the second equation which changed to be - 3 x minus y equal to minus 30 now this way you can display to cancel - 12 - 2 Y - 3 Y is equals to minus 36 + it is -28 ok so from here we can say while because do if / it will be true that why is equals to 2 find the value of Y to be to now if we put the value of Y in one now putting the value in equation one would be fine but when that the equation was 3 X - 2y in place of why will put the value to minus 2 into 2 equal to wait or minus 4 is equals to 8 Part 3 x is equal to 12 X 24

X 24 is the value of Y so and to store to the desired solution

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