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Class 12






Differential Equations


Solve: dy / dx = sin^2y...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



Step by step solution by experts to help you in doubt clearance & scoring excellent marks in exams.


Halloween is video mein Ham solving differential equation DY by DX is equal to sin square A is officially video mein Humne Dekha ki ki first order and first degree differential equation of the type DY by DX is equal to f bhai type differential question Kaise solve Karenge ab aap Dekhenge kiye Jo Mein given differential equation request science kaarvayi yah bhi Hamari bike ki Tanki Hai Kyon Kyunki writer side Hai uski vah full depend on why Hai To Ham usko Apne Usi tarike se Call karne ke samne pichhadi video main Samjha tha ki dekhte hain kaise to uske liye kya karenge usko reciprocal Karenge uska to DX upon D Y is equal to 1 upon sin square A by Ajay Ke Chalte papa sarees kaarvayi Hota Hai Kuch Kuch kaarvayi Uske bad mein baat karenge Budha Sahib DX upon device used to control of cosec square by Scurvy + c is a constant of integration which implies that

dual of DX is equal to integral of cosec square y square + a x + b equal of cosec Square x minus cot Y + c implies that X + Y equal to see Anarchy my differential quiz sorry image of kauai hi Express Court why is it it is a general solution of the given differential equation abhi general solution Kyon Hai Kyunki Hamari first order differential equation DY DX equal to sin is kaarvayi yah question first quarter ki hai aur jaise ki main pahle bataya tha ki first order differential equation ke liye Jo solution Hoga use solution main bhi number of conscience Ek Honge vajah Se Kya de sakte hain ki is solution bhi number of constant Ek Hi Hai qawali video mein hum kuch aise hi aur differential equations effects to dekhenge


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