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Solve and graph the solution set of : <br> 2x - 9 le 7 and 3x + 9 le 25, x in I.



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Updated On: 14-5-2021

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00:00 - 00:59solver solution set of equations these and this Where X belongs to integer first question here is given as 2 x minus 9 less than equal to 7 second equation is 3 X + 9 less than equal to 25 if pr9n both the sites this becomes 2x less than equal to 9 + 716 and when we divide is equation by two it becomes X is less than equal to 8 similarly if we subtract 9 in both the sides this becomes 3 X is less than equal to 25 - 9 16 NX comes out to be less than equal to 16 by 3 which is somewhere 5.33 now we have to Grab the solutions were later suppose this is a line under 60 123456789
01:00 - 01:59where is -1 -2 and up to one of the first solution is X is less than equal to it that means X is less than equal to it so it will go on from here to use one because it is less than and equal to and the second equation is excess less than equal to 5.33 that means 5.3 will somewhere there so common path between them comes out to be this solution to this becomes hens eggs will belong to the common part so minus infinity 2 and is open interval Hare minus degree 2nd 5.3 3rd sem 3 by 3216 by 3 and closed

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