Updated on:30/05/2023

Solve: 4x+6y=15 6x8y=14 and hence find p if y=px2



hello question and not linear equation so basically we have to first reduce these two equations in linear equations in two variable so let one upon by is equal to something we can have 4 x + 6 is equal to 15 Limited equation 1 x minus 8 is equal to 40 suppose the equation number to now to solve the equation with the help of the method of elimination method of substitution so here we can simply use method of substitution for 6 x is equal to w + 14 so x is equal to 8 + 14 /
in equation one vision one we can have time Scooty divide 66223 on cancellation of 23 take LCM 16w + 14028 + on taking lcv can have 630 18w is equal to 45 16 + 18 is 34w which is equal to 45 - 18 under 17 is equal to 17 B 38 is 1 by 2 is equal to 1 upon Y as we have assumed one upon Y is equal to Y is
equal to 2 value of w in the equation w is equal to is equal to 4 + 14863 now we are given that why is equal to 3 x minus 2 Y is equal to 3 x minus 2 root 2 is equal to 3 x minus 2 root 3 X value of excess 3 so is equal to 4 handsfree is equal to 23 this is a required answer


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