Solve (1/2)^(x^(6)-2x^(4)) lt 2^((x)^(2)).



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Updated On: 7-5-2021

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Text Solution

Answer :
` x in R - {0, pm 1}`
Solution :
` (1/2)^(x^(6)-2x^(4))lt2^(x^(2))` <br> ` or (1/2)^(x^(6)-2x^(4))lt(1/2)^(-x^(2))` <br> ` or x^(6) - 2x^(4) gt -x^(2)` <br> ` or x^(6) - 2x^(4) + x^(2) gt 0` <br> ` or (x^(3)=x)^(2) gt 0` <br> ` rArr x^(3) - x ne 0` <br> ` :. x ne 0, - 1, 1` <br> ` :. x in R - {0, pm 1}`



00:00 - 00:59hello friend doing this question we have to find the value of a domain of at our question is half to the power x minus 2 x to the power 4 is pleasant to write power x to the power to how to solve their solving this question let's start for we are using a basic state so first of all it one upon X ^ a then x to the power minus A this formula of inverse so we can write this particular equation as power minus x minus 2 x square so now we have 2 to the power to the power 4 minus 6 to the power 6 is less
01:00 - 01:59than 2 x square sunao then power can become a CEO X ^ 4 - x to the power 6 is less than square now milk drink to to express our will get - is a common we will have x square minus power 4 + x square 800 on the left side define will be river extra power minus 2 x power 4 + x square should be equal to zero Meri basic question we take a square is a common we will have 1
02:00 - 02:59- 2 X square + 180 now this equation can be call as a minus b ka whole square is equal to a square minus 2 a b + 20 ft equal to x square and we call to 1 so we will have this square and this will come x square - 1 ka whole square is 10 square of any number is always positive from the domain of minus infinity to infinity and here also we have the square town square also life from minus infinity to infinity
03:00 - 03:59over all domain of this question X belongs to minus infinity to infinity thank you so much for learning

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