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Jee Mains


Solution set of the inequation...

Solution set of the inequation `(x^2+4x+4)/(2x^2-x-1)>0,` is `x in (-oo,-2)uu(-2,1)` `x in (-oo,-2)uu(-2,-1/2)uu(1,oo)` `x in (-oo,-2)uu(-1/2,1)uu(1,oo)` `x in (-oo,1)`

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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inter question is solution state of an equation this is our production we have to say which of the following option is correct ok student plates all this first option this is our second option this is our third of your photo open what I'm going to do I am going to check price numerator numerator to College Square upon denominator if you see some of copper 2002 x 2 x minus 1 and -1 this becomes zero it means that one out of this product is 1

Alpha is equal to 1 Alpha is equal to 1 then beta will become CA form a and c is -18 is to other equally minus 1 upon 2 OK I will write six exercises in S2 x x minus Alpha with x minus 1 into x minus beta that is minus 1 by 2 X + 1 upon 2 distance should be greater than zero ok I am going to draw number lying between minus infinity to infinity and here I will put numbers from New little 1 -2 from denominator will take minus 1 by 2 and here to protect one ok now what I'm going to do if you take any number greater than one life 23 this full explanation will be positive and you will take any number now one has been I will use shortcut method

bike observing the degree of terms whether this is odd or even so 11 has been taken from this and it's degrees one which is what time will get them no - 1 by 2 taken from this item and its degree is one which is odd to get them and this is minus 2 minus 2 has been taken from this term and degrees the event was I will not get changes not equal time will be smooth the everybody number up to find greater than zero so better than zero is minus sin theta minus 2 minus root 2 minus 1 by 2 open and want to increase if you see this option has same insert minus 2 minus 2 minus root 2 minus 1 by 2 and 12082 RB option is thank you a student


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