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Comparing Quantities


Sohan bought a second hand ref...

Sohan bought a second hand refrigerator for Rs 2,500, then spent Rs 500 on its repairs and sold it for Rs 3,300. Find his loss or gain per cent.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : cost of refrigerator=2500+500=3000Rs.<br> profit=Selling price-total cost<br> =3300-3000<br> =300<br> Profit percentage=300/3000*100=10%.


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hi students o r question here is that Sohan bought a second hand refrigerator for rupees 2500 and then spend rupees 500 on its repair and sold it for rupees 3300 find the loss or gain percent twin the question it is given that the price of the refrigerator is 2500 and after paying 2500 Sohan page 500 for its repair right so cost price is always equal to the price that the item or other object is purchased plus the cost of maintenance and repair write this is the actual cost price so he has paid Sona speed 2500 for the second hand refrigerator and the repairs cost is rupees 500 cost price

force one is rupees 3000 writer in the question we have to take the cost price is Rs 3000 and the selling price is given selling price is given that one has told the refrigerator for 3300 right when selling price is greater than cost price it's called the gain or the profit when selling price is less than the cost price it's called the loss if you can observe the question the selling price is 3300 and the cost price is 3000 to be can observe that is selling price is greater than the cost price near Sohan has again on the refrigerator so we have to find the in percentage to find the gain percentage gain percentage means gain divided by the cost price in 200 to calculate

profit or loss on the cost price only now gain is equal to selling price minus cost price / price in 202 selling prices 3300 cost prices 3000 cost price cost price we have his cost price 3000 ride cost prices 3230 300 - 3300 gain is 300 300 on cost price that is 3000 in 200 note 20 cancelled with 2010 cancer with 10 so this is equal to 30 / 3 Nights 3310 so 10% is the gain percentage and this is the required