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Sketch roughly the lines satis...

Sketch roughly the lines satisfying the given conditions and write their equations: <br> inclination `theta=150^(@)`, and distance from the origin = 3.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Answer :
`x+sqrt(3)y=6 and x+sqrt(3)y+6=0`


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hello I hope theta is equal to 50 degree and the distance from the origin is equal to 3 what a what is given to us that is inclination intonation that is theta is given to us as equal to 150 degree write 50 degree degree and write the distance from origin is given as what this is equal to 3 + b + c

mode of C upon under root of a square + b square equal to find that is equal to mode of appointment of a square + b square and that is given as a + b square is equal to minus the property of a more whenever we remove it and we have been given the inclination theta tan theta is equal to what is equal to slow and that is given at end of 150 degree and 10 of 150 is what that is equals to minus 1 by 3 cm is equal to minus 1 by root 3 and now we can write this equation X + Y + in the form of items only that is equal to Y is equals to minus

minus 1 upon the right so we can write this equation is also and minus 3 minus 1 by root from this I can write your minus 3 by 3 is equal to minus 1 by root 3 under root of freed so now what I will do I will swear on both sides of this will be equal to b square is equal to write b square is equal to 3 and right I will add is both sets of w b square + is it is equal to 3 + 4 is right from this week

upon I can now put the value of under root of 4 root of 12 from this we get the value of CS what this is equal to plus minus of 6 of now write I will write the value of this equation X + b + C + we have found out that this value is equal to what that is under root of 3 I can write

latest -60 512

you will be able to agree that the exit this line

3 Y + 60093 Y - 10

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