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Trignometric Functions


sinx=1/4, x in quadrant II. Fi...

`sinx=1/4`, x in quadrant II. Find the values of other five trignometric functions


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : `sinx=1/4` and `sin^(2)x+cos^(2)=1` <br> `rArr (1/4)^(2)+cos^(2)x=1` <br> `rArr cos^(2)x=1-1/6=15/16` <br> `rArr cosx=(-sqrt(15))/(4)` (since x lies in 2nd quadrant) <br> `therefore cosx=-(sqrt(15))/(4) rArr 2cos^(2)x/2-1=-sqrt(15)/(4)` <br> `=2cos^(2)x/2=1-sqrt(15)/(4) = (4-sqrt(15))/(8)` <br> `rArr cosx/2=sqrt(4-sqrt(15))/(8) = sqrt(8-2sqrt(15))/(16)` <br> `rArr cosx/2=sqrt(8-2sqrt(15))/(4)` <br> `therefore` x lies in 2nd quadrant `rArr pi/2 lt x lt pi` <br> then `pi/2` will be lie in first quadrant in which all ratios will be positive. <br> `therefore cosx/2=sqrt(8-2sqrt(15))/(4)` <br> `therefore cos^(2)x/2=(8-2sqrt(15))/(16)` then `sin^(2)x/2=1-cos^(2)x/2` <br> or `sin^(2)x/2=(8+2sqrt(15))/(16)` <br> or `sinx/2=sqrt(8+2sqrt(15))/(4)` <br> Now, `tanx/2=(sinx/2)/(cosx/2) = ((sqrt(8)+2sqrt(15))/(4))/(sqrt(8-2sqrt(15))/(4))` <br> `sqrt(8+2sqrt(15))/(8-2sqrt(15))xx sqrt(8+2sqrt(15))/(sqrt(8-2sqrt(15)))` <br> `=sqrt(8+2sqrt(15)^(2))/((8)^(2)-(2sqrt(15))^(2))=(8+2sqrt(15))/(sqrt(64-60))` <br> `(8+2sqrt(15))/(2) = 4+sqrt(15)` <br> Therefore, `sinx/2= sqrt(8+2sqrt(15))/(4), cosx/2=sqrt(8-2sqrt(15))/(4)` and `tanx/2=4+sqrt(15)` Ans.


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