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Class 11






Compound And Multiple Angles


(sin theta + sin 2 theta)/( 1 ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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we need to prove that sin theta + sin 2 theta upon 1 + cos theta + cos 2 theta this is equal to tan theta skeletons of a question that is sin theta + sin theta this is divided by 1 + cos theta + cos 2 theta then use the identities so using we will use purse identity of sin 2A to sign into a b is equal to 2 Sin A cos it will also use the identity of Cos 2A that isn't innominatus to this is equal to cos square A minus sin square and we will also have an identity that sin square A + cos square

this is equal to 1 first of all sin theta + sin 2 theta this will be converted by using identity of sin to this will be + 2 sin theta cos theta now in denominator we have one to one is equal to sin squared theta + cos square theta will be + cos theta + cos 2 theta will be converted identity of Cos 2A to this will be cos squared theta minus sin square theta sin squared theta will cancel out sin squared theta and we will have in the numerator we will take sin theta common to this will be 1 + 2 cos theta and inter nominator

we will cos theta + 2 cos square theta now again numerator that is sin theta 1 + 2 cos theta in denominator we will take cos theta performance we will be left with 1 + 2 cos theta so this bracket will cancel each other out and we will be left with sin theta upon cos theta now we know that sin theta upon cos theta this is equal to tan theta which is equal to write inside of a question so hence proved

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