`sin 4x sin 8x`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Solution :
` int" sin 4x sin 8x dx "` <br> `=(1)/(2) int "2 sin 8x sin 4x dx "` <br> `=(1)/(2) int " ( cos 4x -cos 12 x ) dx "` <br> `=(1)/(2) ((sin 4x)/(4) -(sin 12x)/(12)) +c`


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hello guys location is given to her left integrate this function that is sign of four x sin of its ok its writing it clear that supposedly 200 if so this is integration of sin 4x X this is sign up a text box organiser integral now if we multiply and divide it is integral by to that is one by two integration of 2 Sin 4x sin8x the so this is an identity 2 sin a sin b that is 2 sin a sin b is equals to cos a minus b minus Cos A + B is this is identity will apply this year so this integral will become

I equals to 1 by 2 of integration cause here if you let this is a Texas and is Forex as we this will be a sign of 4 x minus 3 Cos A minus Cos A + B that is 12 x ok so this is our numerical now it just simply separate these should still be close to my equal to half integration of cos x dx - Integration of Cos 12 weeks now we know the identity for Integration of Cos NX that is equals to Sin of annexed by N placita ki constant C is it your identity will apply this

material I will become one by two of the Silver sin 4x by 4 minus sign up 12 x 12 + c ok so this will be the answer to this question is if the answer thank you

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