Simplify the following using the formula: (a-b)(a+b)=a^2-b^2: 1. 8 xx 2.2 (ii) 9. 8 xx 10.2



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Updated On: 11-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59simplify the following using the formula the formula is a minus b in one packet and a place where in another package then it will be a square minus b square the we have to find the value of 1.8 into 2.2 the second one is 9.8 into 10 point 2 success of all we write down the given identity that is if we have given a minus 3 in 1 bracket and a + b in another bracket then it will be a square minus b square so we will write the first condition that is 1.8 into 2.2 so we can also write it is a 1.8 as a 2 - 0.2 into we can write as a 2.2 + 0.2 then it will be to square minus 0.2 square equal to 4 - it will be zero
01:00 - 01:590410 it will be 3.96 and the second one is 9.8 into 10 point 2 Ton equal to we can write 9.8 as a 10 - 0.2 and 10.2 writers at 10 plus 0.2 then it will be tennis square minus 0.2 square then it will be 100 - 0.04 then it will be 99.9 6 thank you

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