Simplify the following: i^-35



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Updated On: 20-6-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello friends so in this question it is given that simplify the following I've talked to the power minus 35 ok to simplify this it is given to the power minus 35 ok so you can write this one up on Twitter to the power 35 ok now here we know that is equals to root -1 ok square is equal to -1 if in the terms of 22 find its value of n terms of two if I can write a letter to the power 35 = 2 to the power 34 into iota iota to the power 34 and this is one hour more ok Kota to the power 34 can be written as
01:00 - 01:59what in the terms of to you can I take for your 34.2 this will give you value 17 so you can write this quote to the power 70 and this powr.io so you can write this i m square to the power 17 plus one so your here you can put the value so this value was so I can put on this valuable so one upon the power 34.7 plus it is coming so yeah 1 upon iota square to the power 17.3 know that the value of iota square is what I wrote a square is equals to minus one - 1 to the power
02:00 - 02:5917 into iota the power is odd so you will get minus Sin A minus will be taken and one upon iota now you have to simplify the storm because I have to replace this from the denominator so here I will multiply with tire tire now this will give you what minus iota upon iota square ok value is minus 1 minus minus plus I will get the answer so I hope you understand the question thank you

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