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Class 7








Simplify : g. ((3)/(8) xx (2)/...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : `(17)/(40)`

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in this question we are given that the to simplify 3 by 8 into two by 15 + 4 by 93227 the first ball will take the first Tom and simplify over this this will be 38 in 22 by 15 this 3 and 15 will get cancelled distal B5 and this ad will get cancelled by to this will be 4 software simplify and this will Dead 1 by 20 nice will be taking the second term status this one this will be 4 by 9 / 32 by 27 now as we learn previously get free reciprocate this 32 by 7 that is if you reciprocate days after reciprocating it it will become 2732 then the sign was changed and get converted into multiplication sign

so this will be equal to four by 9 x 27 by 32 no after simplifying this we get this study to get cancelled by 4 this will be 8627 milk and cancelled by 9 this will be 38 so this will be 3 by 8 these are the simplified version of these two terms Navya to add both of them one by 20 + 3 by 8 November taking the LCM of 20 and 80 taking the LCM of 20 and 8 will find out our hair 28 so this will get / to this will be 10 aur Again by 252 Again by to this will be 5110 at last by 5 this will be one work schedule 5 into 10

10 to 20 22 242 the LCM of 20 and it is 40 X to that will be 2 and x 3 by 5 this will become 15 solah result in answer will be 17/40 this is our answer

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