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Class 8






Rational Numbers


Simplify each of the following...

Simplify each of the following and express the result as a rational number in standard form: `(-9)/(16)xx(-64)/(-27)` (ii) `(-50)/7xx(14)/3`

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello husband today question is simplified each of the following and Express the result is a rational number in standard form in first part we need to simplify -9.6 3 X - 64 account -27 in second part - 57 X 40 14.3 so let's solve this question taking the first part in first part - 9 by 16 X - 64 by -27 so let's simplified so4 X 64 will be cancelled 4 times a week and C - 4 x from 16 so and 27 will be cancelled 3 time from nine alright so now it cannot be simplified further movement

next app multiplying numerator - 1 x minus 4 will be 4 and Indian am - 1 x minus 3 will be -3 so it can also be written as minus 4 by 3 and it is the answer for the first part now going on to the second part in second part we need to multiply -57 with part 3 by 3 so let's simplified by with translation to 14 will be cancelled two times with 7 and nothing else can be cancelled out so now moving to the next next to multiply 50 with two enumerator and and one with three in km so 52 is 102 - of hundred numerator and three Indian am Suman 800/3 is the answer for the

second part so this is it thank u i hope you understood the solution


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