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Simplification of trigonometri...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



Step by step solution by experts to help you in doubt clearance & scoring excellent marks in exams.


last PDM Dekha Tha ki minimum and maximum value of trigonometric functions can is Freedom dating a complete geometry function to simplify kaise karte hain matlab trigonometric functions study IQ simplification to simplification ke liye Hamen pahle trigonometry identities kam Mein Yad karne Honge pahla Ham dekhte hain Kuchh risk ratios trigonometric ratios to yah kya hai Iske coding hamare pass hota hai ki Dandi ki jo Mal YouTube Agar Apna Siddiqui pahle make triangle complete Ham Ek right angle triangle banate hain jis mein hamare pass Ek angle and third angle theta is perpendicular sides database aur Yahan per TVS ntorq the perpendicular upon hyper 3

the perpendicular upon base cot theta upon perpendicular to the Hobbit 3 is a pond Base Kochi relation Hota that is turned upon cos theta cot theta cos theta upon sin theta to basically hamare pass Kya Ho Gaya ki Taan Tere jo hai vah 1 upon cot theta ki m m odhav odhav one upon cos theta and Cos theta Utah one upon sin theta equal to Hamari ok trigonometric ratios ab Ham Kya Dekhenge aap hi Kuchh trigonometric identities Hamara first relation jo hai vah Saina cosmodata sin square theta + cos square theta

Ravan Ki 2nd ki 1 + tan square theta sec square theta equal to sec squared theta minus tan squared theta yah 1K equal third identity ki 1 + cot square theta is equal to cosec square theta that means cosec square theta minus cot square A 1K equal vah Hamara third third Jo formulas Dekhenge Hua Hai complementary and supplementary angles ka free and supplementary angles samjhenge ki agar complementary angles and supplementary angles Jaaye to usmein sign Thi Dua matic function to first sign of 90 degree minus theta hamare pass cos theta equal ki cause of 90 degree minus theta

Miloge me sin theta equal to that will cause a sign of complementary function sem 3rd values to turn the complementary function call recorder Talkies per kya hua Nagar pin code of 90 degree minus theta equal if function that is the complementary function of cosec TRP cosec theta Ho Jaaye gum for 6th main Jaise ko se covid-19 degree minus theta + sec theta Ki Ab Ham Dekhte Hamara supplementary angle ka S sin cos Mein Hum dekhte hain sign quality dekh liya ab Ham cost to cost of 180 degree minus theta minus cos theta the third turn off 180 degree minus theta tan x sin x upon cause it's a to sahi

1 minus cot theta minus tan theta G 4th MG Dekhen Court of 180 degree minus theta to similar way minus cot theta ke was ok I'm 5th function of 180 degree minus theta minus Cos 6 theta and 6 function that is cosec of 180 degree minus theta minus cosec theta + cosec theta + cosec theta Hamare formulas Hai identities and complementary and supplementary angles in terms of automatic function in my trigonometric functions to simplify cut them to Ham Kuchh examples take this is our time together tan theta is equal to 4 by 3 X value find connect 3 sin theta + 2 cos theta upon 3 2010 - 2 cos theta Ki program Dekhi Hamen given

+ 2 cos theta whole upon 3 sin theta minus of 2 cos theta numerator denominator ko cos theta / hamare pass Hoga 3 sin theta upon cos theta + 2 cos theta upon cos theta whole upon me 3 sin theta upon cos theta - 2 cos theta upon cos theta and Hamen bataya ki tan theta ka formula sin theta upon cos theta hamare pass ho jaega 3 times of tan theta + 2 upon 3 x of tan theta minus 2 x ki value Mein 4 by 3 given to her by 3 + 2 upon 3 into 3 - 33 cancel auto Gaya audio Ka 4 + 2 upon 4 - 2 to 4 + 2 upon 4 - 236 upon 233 cake

Tumhara answerer 3 option secret options 3.0 is the correct answer for simplified simplification ke liye Accord example is question mami simplify value nikaalne ki minus Cos C ka whole square + cosec a minus sin square minus of corti - jaane ka square To Hamen given a set a minus cos a cos square A + cosec a - of Sin A cos square A minus cot a minus of tan square A minus b ka whole square that is a square + b square minus 2 equal game + cos square A + sin square - 2 x 9 question 8 -

cot square A + tan squared minus of two times of Tani into coti Agam Magadheera recording mein kya Milega ki tan theta into cos theta for all values of theta = cos theta into sin theta yadi 1K equal Uttar cosec theta into sin theta everyone ke quota that means Agar Hamen Jo values likhiye Priya my bus Kitna Hoga sec square A + cos square A minus Cos that is - 2 + cosec square A + sin square A minus 2 minus of cot square A + tan squared minus basically hamare pass Hoga square A minus tan squared in + cos square A + sin square in

cosec square A minus cot square A minus 2 minus 2 + 2 sin square A + cos square A Vanakkam sec squared minus tan squared 11 cosec squared minus cot square A Vanakkam that means 1 + 1 + 1 - 2 + to cancel out to your -2 kam 3 minus Y is equal to 1 word answer is equal to 1 option 2 option is the correct answer this ka matlab Humne three sets of formula Dekha Tha Jiske To Ham koi bhi amplifier Satyam next we do member taking it with your metric functions ke Pratham component when dividend history


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