sides QP and RQ of PQR are produced to point S and T respectively. If SPR=1350 and PQT=1100, find PRQ.


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hello I hope you are fine ok so letter start with the questions in the question it is given that slides QP size QP and RQ of a triangle pqr are produced to a point as and respectively if angle SPR is equal to 135 degree and Angle pqr is equal to 110 degree can we have to find angle prq ok Surfers latest draw the figure what is there even in the question we will understand it from the figure only ok so this is when triangle tour was given to us there is one Triangle ok dear triangle given to us and also there is one straight line from here it is only now the I will write the
names Aaj Sasti right basis q this is our this is tea and this is our these things are given in the question that site's u p and R ki of pic you are reduced at a point s&t ok means there is one side produced in a triangle pqr when S and T are given to us and SCR is given as this angle this angle is given is what this angle is given as 135 degree and also we have been given that this angle pqr is equal to 110 degree ok so we have to find what we have to find this thing that is this this we don't OK so how can we do that so letter start with solution so first of all we will consider triangle pqr PQ t
pqt and measure angle measure angle pqt and measure angle pqr is equals to 180 degree voice record straight line it is a straight line made by a t h at a point Q it is a straight line sweet line mid on a line yah Kaun point head pointer or 1.10.2 ke point ok so we have been given that we have been given that measure angle ptq t is equal to 110 degrees is given to us right so we will put the 110 in place of pqt so that is equal to 110 + measure angle pqr
this is equals to 180 degree from measure angle pqr is equal to 180 degree - 110 degree so measure angle pqr is nothing else but what this is equals to 70 degree of we have found this this as 70 degree right now she was clearly see this angle measure angle as we are this is exterior angle right and we know that there is one property of bacteria angle that exterior angle is always equal to the sum of the interior opposite angles Saina work is pqr this week you are wait I am marking this with different went to see this pqr and this prq this will be posted this SPR right to reply that property only to find a solution so in a triangle pqr
in triangle pqr measure angle p s r is equal to measure angle pqr + measure angle Q why because exterior exterior angle is equal to the is equal to the sum of interior opposite angles opposite so from this we can find the value of p r q why because BSR is given to us as 135 degree is equal to PQ are just now we have found that is equal to 70 degree right so this is then plus measure angle prq write this is equals Aaye sorry Plus prq
some measure angle prq is equal to what 135 degree - 70 degree and this is nothing else but 65 degree Soni Sar angle PR PR Q that we have found is equal to what that is equal to 65 degree this is our answer that is 65 degree write the required answer which we have to find same place of question mark I can write here is what I can do right here as 65 ok so I hope that I have cleared out and also clear your concern with this I am ending my video thank you very much

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