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Sides of triangleABC, AB=7 cm,...

Sides of triangleABC, AB=7 cm, BC=5cm, CA=6cm. A pole is stand at mid point of side AC. Angle of elevation of pole from vertex B is 30^@, find height of pole (a) sqrt7/sqrt3 (b) (2sqrt7)/sqrt3 (c) 2sqrt21 (d) 2sqrt7



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Updated On: 7-5-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello everyone that start with the question and the questions that sides of triangle ABC a b is equal to 7 cm BC is equal to 5 cm is equal to 6 cm is stand at midpoint of side BC angle of elevation of pole from vertex b is 30 degree find the height of the options are a under root 7 by under root 3 option B top auctions 2 under root 21 and the option B is telling start Australia understand the diagram angle abc ab is 7.5 cm and
01:00 - 01:59CM now this D is the midpoint of AC and so here we have we are placing a vertical a vertical pole and the angle of elevation of pole from the word text is given at 40° calculate the height of people they have to calculate BD for that it is the median of the median or BD is calculated by the Formula 1 by 2 under root 2 X square + 2 x square minus b square formula not C is equals to a b is equal to 7 which is given is equal to BC is equals to 5
02:00 - 02:59which is also given and b is equals to 6 is also given value is equal to under root 2 into square 25 + 2 into seven square 49 square 36 this comes out to be half into under root 12 under root 112 and we can also write half into root 7 for this is equal to 2 root 7 so finally RB come out to be 7 now will calculated suppose that appear in the triangle BTE
03:00 - 03:59in triangle BTE GB is equal to which is the height of people talk about this is H now Tan 30 degrees and 30 is equals to H upon it out and 31 by Rupee 1 by root 3 is equal to 1 upon bdb address calculated 27 out to be comes out to be to root 7 by Rote h Udaipur behind the height of the pole of the pole
04:00 - 04:59Tu Roop 7 by root and the units are the options given option is the correct answer you get the solution

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