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Show the function, f(x)=(2x(s...

Show the function, `f(x)=(2x(sinx+tanx))/(2[(x+21pi)/pi]-41)` is symmetric about origin.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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greatest integer function X + 2 - 48 call that would think about we have to prove that hot action

then this condition is satisfied that me affect the value of I will have to time 21515 -40 now we are interested in finding out the value of my natak value will be replaced by -

time time now this is not replacing it with curly brackets that you will not be confused to time x + 21.5 so we can write it acts upon 5 now for the think you fine what can we have this will be a part of minus 2 x minus 2 minus 2 x minus x was no sign of minus x minus 9

tennis minus divide out minus 5 minus 2 X 21 set become 42 - 41 - 10 - and from these 2 - can meet again it common to finally it will come simply time if -5

42 - 41 now we are interested in finding out the gift of minus x then it can be simply return has been treated as if egg is also convert this time or simply we can see this - of x if x upon 5 - 6 will be completely towards time time to time

jio phone 5 - 5 x + 10 x minus 2 X origin series -1 as common should be -2 GIF of X upon 5 then plus one can we compare the system can be compared to school I have xterm like this you can see this was our system

yah to simplify once more to the victim it can be simplified is really like this is increased to x sin x + 10 x in the numerator October 15 and 20 15 15 to 21 in 2242 comment for a beautiful mind sex we can see that everything is term everything is team but this - extra you can see that ff - 6 simply Quest to find for n

function and path function about all thank you

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