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Tangents And Normals


Show that the tangents to the...

Show that the tangents to the curve `y=x^3-3` at the points where `x=2 `and `x=-2` are parallel.

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Answer : Slopes are same, so these lines are parallel. <br><br>Proved
Solution : Differentiating w.r.t `x` <br> $$ \begin{aligned} & y = x^3 – 3\\ &\frac{d y}{d x}=3 x^{2} \\ \\ & m_1 = (\frac{d y}{d x})_{x=2} = 3(2)^{2} \\ &=3 \times 4 \\ &=12 \\ \\ & m_2 = (\frac{d y}{d x})_{x=-2} = 3(-2)^{2} \\ &=2 \times 4 \\ &=12 \end{aligned} $$ As both `m_1` and `m_2` are equal which means slope of the curves are equal <br> `:.` Either they’re the same lines or they’re parallel, But in our case they’re parallel lines.


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ok to question mein kya Kah Raha Hai Hamen kar diya Y is equal to x cube minus 3 is per 2 points Hai at x is equal to minus 2 or at x is equal to Indore tangent Banegi vo tangent pedal honi chahie uske liye kya hona padega use tangent ki jo Rog song Jeeva equal honi chahie ab Ham sab kaise define karte hain Kisi bhi tangent ka of any kar so let's define attendant on any curve kar is given bhai DY by DX that curve

at any point tu kisi bhi point per Jo tangent Banegi Kisi Garv per Hua Use point per Jo DY by DX Hogi use ki Garv ki vahi is tangent ki shlok De theek hai ab Aage prasiddh karte hain to hamare pass yah Ghar Ki Krishna ji Hui Hai Y is equal to x cube minus 3 to Iske tangent ka Roop find karne ke liye Ham iska DY by DX fine kar lete ho kya 2dy over dear x cube minus 3 x minus 3 is 3 x square ok theek hai

ab Ham check Karenge ki at x is equal to 2 and at x is equal to minus two tangent ki shauk hai vah equal hi Nahin Hai Taki line parallel ho sake Agar equal Hogi to line tangent wale Honge ok for x is equal to 2 DY over at x is equal to 2 Kitna Hoga 3 into square Kitna 12 similarly ab Ham -2 ke liye Dekhenge ja rahi hai tangent ki bhai Diya Hai at x is equal to minus 23 -2

kar sakte hain at x is equal to 2 and x is equal to minus to do not pay attention to his look 12 Hai Ham Khel sakte hain ki at x is equal to minus 2 and to the line the tangent line will be parallel to each other so Singh Bhoot at x is equal to 2 and x is equal to -2 tangent are changing it is same Sim is equal to 12 so the tangent for parallel

tangent are Lal


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