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Show that the relation R de...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Sunita question question in which we have to show the relation R Defined by a equal to AP such that a minus 3 and a b belongs to an equivalent solution will it start with the given information in the given information is equal to a b Sushant a minus b is divisible by 3 C and a and b board belongs to integer set let's on with reflexive shaking sofa reflexive for reflective we need to check that a belongs to R let a

equal to 1 then we need to check that a minor thing that is 1 minus 1 is equal to zero which is divisible by 3 bye 3 that is a long long you are there are reflex nixi post matric for matric intermittently check that it belongs to are then BA belongs to one will it if a equal to 1 equal to

that is a minus b is equal to 1 minus 4 is equal to 5 which is divisible by 3 free that is belong to check that BA belongs to be equal to minus 13 which is divisible fine tree that is being along to are there full address symmetric also Nixon transitive or intransitive super transitive we need to check if we belong belongs to

belongs to one should let a equal to be equal to four equal to we can take it as it take it as children we will be that is like a minus b b minus C and a minus C womens is 1 - 4 B minus C is women's events is which is equal to minus 3 minus 3 minus 6 which is divisible by which is divisible by tree which is also switches divisible by free which is also

divisible by 3 which is divisible by tree that is it belongs to our BC belongs to our that is AC belongs to Deadpool address transitive also Hans aayojan equivalence relation are is equal to relation thank you

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