Class 12






Three Dimensional Coordinate System


Show that the plane ax+by+cz+d...

Show that the plane `ax+by+cz+d=0` divides the line joining `(x_1, y_1, z_1) and (x_2, y_2, z_2)` in the ratio of `(-(ax_1+ay_1+cz_1+d)/(ax_2+by_2+cz_2+d))`


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today question is show that the plaint X + 3 Y + Z Z + b is equal zero divides the line joining these two points in the ratio of this relation right to the point that a given to us rx1 Y1 Z1 X to Y to Z to that is considered the point that is considered a point P as alpha beta and gamma that divides this line containing X 1 and 2 x 2 into a ratio Lambda is too much that this point is cutting this line landis 21 so we can write from here using Section formula we have Alpha will be equal to Lambda into second point it is Lambda in 2 x 2 + 1 into first point that means x21 X1 only upon Lambda plus one that are formulas M1 X2

plus m2x 1 upon 1 + M2 where M1 and M2 are the points which the line was cutting the line into which the point is cutting the line write the formula now from here we will have the value of Beta also for beta will have Lambda into white 2 + 1 into 1 2 Lander wy 2 + 1 upon Lambda + one lady will solve for Gama Re selfie Lambda into Z2 plus Z1 upon Lambda + 1000 Steel ise CSP point lies on the plane that this is the plane that the point P is in the plane that is cutting the line joining these two points that is considered

play intersecting the line at point P right to the point P will also satisfy the equation of plane because it is because it contains the point P I will write point P lies on plane plane equation is excessive weight loss is a + b is equal to a x + B Y + Z Z Z + b is equal to zero and are points was alpha beta and gamma so we can write a into a + b into beta + 3 into comma + b is equal to zero and what we have to prove you have to prove it solution example it is dy13 so have relation now we have the points alpha beta gamma in terms into lamda lamda

X2 + X 1 upon Lambda + 1 + b into Lambda of Y2 + Y 1 upon Lambda + 1 + c of Z2 plus Z1 upon Lambda + 1 + 3 is equal to 0 9 take LCM of Lambda + one will get a Lambda X2 and opening all the term we will get a land X2 + a x 1 + B then divide 2 + b y 1 + c Lambda Z2 Plus is that one plus The Times of Lambda + 1 is equal to zero right now taking Lambda common living get a X2 + B2 + c z 2 is equals to minus of x square minus one by one and minus of season 2 - of a X1

- common and you will get this relation to our Lambda will not become - of X 1 + B Y + c Z1 and system also plus The Times of Lambda so I will have + D because we have taken the common and we have a dual so it - 3 + 3 k because we have taken common the - 2 + 3 + the upon the term with Lambda that is a x + b y 2 + 3 Z2 plus De this is our right and that is what we have to prove so thank you