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Application Of Derivatives


Show that the normal at any po...

Show that the normal at any point `theta` to the curve `x=acostheta+athetasintheta,\ y=asintheta-a\ thetacostheta` is at a constant distance from the origin.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : First, let us find the slope of the tangent to the curve at a point θ.<br> `m_T=dy/dx=frac(dy/(d theta))(dx/(d theta)` <br> =-`(asinθ+asinθ+aθcosθ)`/`(acosθ−acosθ+aθsinθ)`<br> Since, normal is always perpendicular to the tangent, slope of the normal will be <br> `m_N=-costheta/sintheta`<br> Normal passes through the point (x,y) given in the question. Using the equation of the line in slope-point form,<br> ⇒`ysinθ−asin2θ+aθsinθcosθ=acos2θ+aθsinθcosθ−xcosθ` <br> ⇒`xcosθ+ysinθ=a(cos2θ+sin2θ)=a`<br> Distance of origin from this line will be <br> `d=|a|` <br> Hence, the distance from origin to the normal at any point `θ` is a constant. ​


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