Show that the matrix B^TA B is symmetric or skew-symmetric according as A is symmetric or skew-symmetric.



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Updated On: 5-3-2021

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A matrix `A` is symmetric if `A = A^T`.<br> A matrix `A` is skew-symmetric if `A = -A^T`.<br> (i) When `A` is symmetric matrix, then `A = A^T`<br> Then, `(B^TAB)^T = B^TA^T(B^T)^T = B^TAB`...[As `A^T = A and (B^T)^T = B`]<br> `:. (B^TAB)^T = B^TAB`<br> `:. B^TAB` is a symmetric matrix when `A` is symmetric<br><br> (ii)When `A` is skew-symmetric matrix, then `A = -A^T`<br> Then, `(B^TAB)^T = B^TA^T(B^T)^T = B^T(-A)B`...[As `A^T =- A and (B^T)^T = B`]<br> `:. (B^TAB)^T =- B^TAB`<br> `:. B^TAB` is a skew-symmetric matrix when `A` is skew-symmetric<br><br>



00:00 - 00:59this question we need to show that Matrix be transferred into a into B is a symmetric or skew symmetric matrix according as a symmetric and skew symmetric we assume that is a symmetric matrix nothing is asymmetric we can say that he transport will be equal to only will check BE transport transport equal to what we know that transports can be written as be transferred into a identity can be applied for mattresses also show that will be Quest be transferred into into beta Hota
01:00 - 01:59this week was to be transferred into a transfer request to a symmetric we transfer saint and transfers of a transpose Matrix will be equal to the same that is B transport transport will be equal to b in this case we transfer SEBI transports = B Hospital that we can say that in this case ab is a symmetric matrix now for a second case area metric in this case will be equal to minus only will get be trans transport equals to
02:00 - 02:59similarly we can write that this will be caused to be transferred into in which transport transport transport transport this will be equal to be transferred this will be transposed this will be ETA -1 - MB transfer transfer will be will be equal to minus beta so when is the skew symmetric matrix are getting be transferred a-b whole transport is equals to minus be transferred so in this can be transferred Bil Biya and we needed to

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