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Show that the line through the points (1,1,2) and (3,42) is perpendicular to the line through the points (0,3,2) and (3,5,6).



hello guys today we can solve this question I give question is show that the line to the points on come on - 1/2 and 3/4 combines is perpendicular to the true line to the points 02356 ok so they have given Four Points as to the line joining two lines we have to show that they both are perpendicular name this points given here is equal to 1 minus one commit to 20 equal to 3 by 4 minus 2 x minus 6 is equal to zero 32 and DC equal to 356 ok now
how to find this two lines first then whether it's a club or not let me find it should be a vector a vector must be the difference between o b vector minus y so it will be that unit vectors of 3 - 1 nothing but two ICAP + 4 - holiday - 10 - 2 - + 4 + 1 is 5 and minus 2 minus minus 4 k cap ok so there is nothing but -0 is 335 minus 3 is to show + 2 J cap and similarly 6 - 2 years 4 so it's 4
ok so now condition for the perpendicular to find the condition for the perpendicular now the condition this year for the perpendicular the condition is nothing but a b vector CDR vector must be zero if it's dot product of two values 0 then we can show that that it is perpendicular to each other now we can find the top right of these two vectors a b vector CDR vector for dot product we should X = unit access ok so 3 into 2 years 6 plus 5 into two years 10 and minus 4 into 4 - 16 Nov 6 plus 1016 and minus 16 so the answer will
be 0.482 lines and record 0 which implies a line perpendicular to CD so we have shown that these two lines are perpendicular to each other and thank you guys


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