Updated on:30/05/2023

Show that the line joining one vertex of a parallelogram to the mid-point of an opposite side trisects the diagonal and is trisected there at.


Text Solution

Let {OABC} be a parallelogram Table {O} as origin. Let {a} and {b} be position vectors of {A} and {C} such that OA={a}, OC={b}.
   position vector of B is (a+b)
Position vector of mid-point of D of A is a2
P.V. of a point dividing CD in the ratio
2:1 is 2(a2)+(1)(b)2+1 i.e. a+b3
Again position vector of point divides OB in the ratio 1:2 is
(1)(a+b)+2(0)1+2 i.e. a+b3
position vectors of points trisecting CD and OB are same.
CD trisects OB and CD is trisected there at.


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