Show that the function y=(A+B x)e^(3x) is a solution of the equation (d^2y)/(dx^2)-6(dy)/(dx)+9y=0.



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Updated On: 21-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59So Ja So that the function y equals to a + b x ^ 3 solution of the equation is given equation ok now what we will do write a function letter Y is equal to 3 + 3 x to the power 3 X here it is there are two component is a and b we have to differentiate the equation 2 X and because you have to see here it is also a time to be a difference in the given equation 2 X location order to completely eradicated this A and B so differentiating the function we will get a night like this every power 3 X + b x power ok now differentiate with respect to X
01:00 - 01:59DY on DX is equal to ca to the power x to the power x + product now a + b + b e to the power x to the power 3 X + Y is already Wi-Fi now we can I dresses why should be equal to 3 by DX is equal to bhai + b
02:00 - 02:59e d card aur b e to the power x is equals ok now from here we can find the value of v e to the power x so be e to the power cm equals to minus OK will use it for other now we defensive one more time so we will get to Y upon DX to request to see you dear 3 DY by DX minus 9 by 3 x minus 9 CBE to the party X ^ OK
03:00 - 03:59then we will substitute the value that is the square y square = 23 DY by DX + cot a = 2 - ok now solving this Bill Gate D square Y upon 3 X square + 3 x 6 DY by DX Vishnu Shiv on towards left inside 200 - 6 divide 3 - 3 - 9 y = 2 + 3 Y is equal to zero double data differential equation movie

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