Show that the following integers are cubes of negative integers. Also find the integer whose cube is the given integer. -5832 (ii) -2744000



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Updated On: 10-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello today question is so that the following introduced the cube of negative integers also find the integers whose cube is the given number - 58 22 is the first and second part - 27 44000 this question so given my name 5832 so doing the prime factorization of 5832 just what they are getting 5832 dividing it the two we are getting 2916 again Bittu we are getting 1458 again Bittu we're getting 729 again with three we are getting 243 again with we're getting 81 again with fever getting 27 again with figure getting 9 again with 33 and again the previous year that we can see there is a group of 32 33 and again the treaties this
01:00 - 01:59this this this this shows that -58 32 is a Cuba you off song negative integer are now able to find the Cube cube root of cube root of minor 5832 will take the single tractor from group 2 x 3 x 3 and definitely there will be a negative sign negative integer 22 x 9 - of 18 to this is the this is the required answer for what partner moving on to the next part net part Van cable women - 27727 44000 today
02:00 - 02:59144 0002 so let to the prime factorization for this 2 minute novel to take negative time minor 27 44000 to time to we are getting 137 000 again with two we are getting 686000 again with two we are getting are getting 34 3000 again with 7 year getting 49000 again with 7 getting 7000 again with 70 setting 1000 again to getting 500 500 2nd 100 again Bittu
03:00 - 03:59earring 250 again Bittu we are getting 125 and again 5:00 ya getting 25 again date 5 year getting over again with violating 12 from where we can see there is a group of 32 group of 37 group of 32 again 35 shows that it is the it shows it is a cube of negative integer now we need to find the negative integer like to find the cube root cube root of - 2744 Just S - 2744 000 what will be the cube root will take single factors from each group 2 x 7 x
04:00 - 04:592 X 521 negative will be there definitely will be - 41 42 - of 140 is the manager of 140 is the required answer for second part 2 this is it I hope you understood the solution thank you

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